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Recollections May Differ - released to absolutely no acclaim in July 2021


                                    Tales from a simpler time -
                                      Released December 2021 -
                                               no one noticed
                                   and even less people cared!


‘Genius’ is a superlative that's bandied about far too often these days – so I won’t be using it here. The best and most accurate way to describe these three ageing numpties would be ‘infirm and mostly adequate’. It all started in late 2020 when ARCHIE A started writing and publishing his scripts on his FB page ‘Sketchy At Best...’ His old chum of nearly 40 years, JONATHAN RUSSELL, liked what he saw and invited Gary Mitchell to take a look. Gary felt a tingle in his creative loins that he hadn't enjoyed since the early Renaissance - and a beautiful collaboration began (as opposed to collaboration with occupying Nazis - which never goes well). 

During lockdown the trio began rehearsing and developing each other’s material and ideas via Zoom, Skype and Virtual Hamster. The trio of  incompetent dullards were ably assisted in their misjudged endeavours by the lovely Dame Lisa and their friend and regular collaborator Dame Anne - and the rest as they say – is domestic science. 

Material was available by June 2021, in the form of first album ‘Recollections May Differ’– some of it an adult nature – so if you don’t want to know the score, look away now… A second album, 'Tales from a Simpler Time' was released in December 2021. The latter being described by Time Out Magazine as 'available'. 

The sketches on this website were written and produced by Archie - with the exception of 'Deathectomy' which was written by Jon and 'Wills Agent' which is a joint effort between Graham and Jon. The full album can be found at Gary's website. 

The Algorithm Section have been on hiatus for a while but are in talks about reforming and recording a third album - depending on health, whether they have had their tea or not and the availability of good blanket to keep their legs warm. 

With a combined age of nearly 200, venturing outside is a risk but they hope to bring you some live offerings in the very near future.

All material © Graham Andrews 2023, with the exception of Deathectomy © Jonathan Russell 2023 and Will's Agent © Graham Andrews/Jonathan Russell 2023

Recollections may differ

Tales from a simpler time